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Kathi Darbar

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Kathi Darbar(Kshatriya)
The Kathi Darbar (Gujarati: કાઠી દરબાર) are a caste found in Saurashtra region of Gujarat, India.[1] Kathi Kshatriya are popularly referred as Kathi Darbar.[2]


History and origin

The Kathi are said to have given their name to the Kathiawar region and to be mythologically descended from the Sura, an ancient race of sun worshipers found in western India. According to their mythological traditions, they are descended from Kush, the son of the Hindu God Ram. Colonial British historians consider the Kathi to be an invading foreign Scythian tribe that settled in the Kathiawar region in the second century BC.[3] During the time of Sikandar's attack on Punjab, Kathis manfully opposed him, in this conflict, he was wounded badly and that wound became the reason of his death. Because of their bravery, Kathis put up the strongest opposition to the Marathas.[4]

Present circumstances

The Kathi have two divisions, the Sankhyavat and Auratia. These divisions are hierarchical in nature, with the former considered royalty. There are three clans found among the Sankhyavat namely the Vala,Khachar and Khuman. and Auratiya namely Dhakhada, Varu, Kotila, Patgir, Basiya, Dhadhal,Shekhva,Boricha, Khavad, Gida, Jebaliya, Manjariya, Khada, Mala, Jalu, Babariya, Bhicharia and many more. Strict exogamy is maintained between the Auratia and Sankhyavat. They are found in both Kathiawar and Kutch divisions of Gujarat.[5] Kathi darbar are horse lovers and they have Kathiawari horses, which are known worldwide.[6] It is noted that the Kathi Darbar will never forget an enemy as shown in the proverb "કાળ છોડે પણ કાઠી નહિ" (Time (Death) Forgets But Not Kathi)".


Devotee of Swaminarayan, Darbar Shri of Gadhada Dada Khachar was born into this caste. The Kathi Darbar community is connected much of the history of Gujarat. Noted warriors such as Jogidas Khuman, Ram Vala, Chapraj Vala and also the saints Aebhalji Vala, Aapa Giga, Danbapu Chalala, Vihalanath Paliyad, Apa Goarkha, Apa Jadara Songadh and Apa Ratabapu Moladi were born into this Kshatriya caste.

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